The Key Advantages of Sarms over Testosterone and Steroids

With the health and fitness industry currently valued at the multi-million level, it’s no surprise that many pharmaceuticals are in a race to develop the next wonder drug. At first, there were protein shakes and anabolic steroids, which were then followed by organic testosterone boosters. Nowadays, the current health and fitness buzzword is “sarms.”

Sarms is an acronym for “selective androgen receptor modulators.” Designed as an alternative to anabolic steroids, sarms, particularly osta sarms, have been enjoying increasing levels of popularity on the market for its gentler, more targeted, but no less potent effects.

Part of this popularity is also due to the fact that osta sarms have significant advantages over standard testosterone treatments and boosters. Some of these include the following:

• Less side effects

SARMSMost testosterone treatments, especially the injectable ones, affect each and every receptor in the body. Thus, while a sudden increase in testosterone might result in excellent health benefits like better cardiovascular functions, the indiscriminate flow of testosterone into the body could also bring on a host of adverse side effects. Some of these can include fluctuating testosterone blood levels and even skin irritation and dryness.

Sarms, on the other hand, target specific receptors in specific tissues and organs in the body. Thus, the other receptors would not even register the presence of sarms, and therefore remain unaffected by its entry into the body.

• Beneficial selectivity, especially for women.

One of the downsides of taking testosterone, particularly for women, is the development of undesirable male gender characteristics. So while females who take testosterone on a regular basis may experience increased muscle density and strength, they also run the risk of sprouting thicker bodily hair and suffering from more frequent skin breakouts.

Sarms, especially those that are currently being developed for female testosterone users, allow for patients to benefit from the usual testosterone benefits (such as enhanced bone retention and libido) while cutting out the less ideal side effects as mentioned above.

Osta sarms have also been compared to anabolic steroids, which were the best-kept secret among athletes and bodybuilders relying on performance enhancers to maintain their figures and rankings. Still, the former is now gaining on the latter due to certain favorable differences, some of which include the following:

• Virtually the same benefits, but without the unwanted side effects.

Much like testosterone, anabolic steroids (while they are in use, at least) can give the patient health benefits like increased muscle mass and stronger bones and joints, but not without some serious consequences.

Some of the worst side effects of most anabolic steroids stem from an excess of estrogen production. This is because the unabsorbed components of the anabolic steroid can morph into the female hormone, and the abrupt increase can result in estrogen-related ailments like water retention and hypertension. In some male patients, the wrong dosage of anabolic steroids resulted in the enlargement of the male breast tissue, which is difficult to treat and to reverse.

Osta sarms, on the other hand, have no such side effects. Recent testing has revealed a slight effect in estrogen levels, but these also revealed to be harmless (or at least, nowhere near as harmful as the estrogen levels brought about by the use of anabolic steroids). The staid increase in estrogen levels in the case of sarms use was also shown to aid its restorative functions, such as the treatment of bone or ligament diseases.

• Inherently difficult to detect through chemical testing for doping.

Anti-doping agencies that monitor athletes designed the chemical testing process to detect the standard 4-ring steroid structure. But since sarms aren’t anabolic steroids, they do not possess this trait. Users are thus able to undergo anti-doping testing and still show no signs of performance enhancer usage.