How To Make Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards would make great birthday giveaways. You only need to create cool designs and have a manufacturer produce the lanyards. Your friends can either use them for their identification cards, or for their keys. But what if you’re only giving away a few lanyards? It will be expensive to order just a few of them. To save money, try creating your own lanyards. When it’s personalized and you make time to really create them, your friends would value your birthday giveaways more. They will appreciate it more.

So How You Actually Make Lanyards? Here’s How.:


A scrap of fabric. Choose something nice and colorful. If you don’t have any, buy one from a fabric store. It shouldn’t take you long to choose which fabric to use for your custom lanyards.

You will need:

A key ring or a lanyard attachment, scissors, thread, sewing machine.


Badge HolderCut 2” in width scraps of fabric and about 40” in length. Then fold both ends of the fabric towards the center. Fold the fabric in half and stitch or sew the fabric. It’s that easy. It shouldn’t take you long to do it. Then fold the lanyard in half and feed it on the hook. Properly fold the fabric to make sure the snaps are on the correct sides. You may use different hooks for your lanyards.

If the lanyards will be for birthday giveaways, choose the bright colored ones. If you’re good with art, you may also want to use a red or white fabric. Draw or paint something to personalize it.

A Few Tips For Making Your DIY Custom Lanyards:

1. If you’re giving it away for only a few good friends, put a name on the lanyards. They will appreciate it more if you really find the time to design the lanyards yourself instead of just having one design for all the lanyards.

2. We accept bulk orders and are also selling different lanyard attachments or hooks. They include the bulldog clip, thumb trigger, swivel hook, thumb hook, key ring, carabiner, oval hook, plastic hook, or the cellphone hook. You can buy it from us. Just contact customer service right away so we can give you more options. We advise that you match the different lanyard attachments to the different personalities of your friends.

3. Create lanyards that can fit not just identification cards, but also small gadgets or keys. Your friends are probably going to use the lanyard to keep some stuff. So go for practicality first.

4. If you can’t find good fabric at home or in the store, get good materials from us. You can go for the polyester one which is the most popular and the least expensive. Then just design the materials yourself. If you’ve tried silk-screen printing then your skills will be useful when you use polyester material for your custom lanyard.

5. Tubular lanyards are cool and they last for a long time. Why not learn how to also make tubular lanyards and give these as giveaways? At least this way, you’re certain that your friends really will use it. They’re kind of unique as companies don’t really use them. They are a little costly. Since this is your birthday and you’re giving them away to a few good friends, choose high- quality lanyards then.

6. Badge Reels are useful for holding identification cards. If you have a few good friends who you may think will use it for holding an id, then buy a couple of badge reels for these friends.

7. When all else fails, just create perhaps a couple of designs for your lanyards and call us to ask for a quote. We would be glad to assist you.

Finally, just remember that you don’t really need to come up with all sorts of fancy custom lanyards for your friends. It’s always the thought that counts. What matters is you do find time to make something for them.

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